Asian Dredging
Scope of services - Dredging Industry

In Cooperation with third-party partners, we undertake design, engineering and new building of:

Project Management

A.D.C provides Project management services related to dredging and reclamation projects in its broadest sense, as well as technical management of dredging equipment.


A.D.C supplies the following equipment:

  • Typical dredging equipment related wear and tear parts
  • Steel flanges, land pipelines and floating pipelines
  • New and used sand pumps
  • Dredging automation equipment


Design & Engineering

A.D.C. provides design and engineering services for the following:

  • Dredging automation equipment
  • Dredger additions and modifications
  • Dredging equipment with a low environment impact

Surveying and repair management

A.D.C. provides technical condition surveys of existing dredging equipment, as well as On/Off hire surveys of dredging equipment. Futhermore, in case of repair necessities, A.D.C. handles the full repair management scope of dredging equipment, including the following:

  • Preparation of repair scope
  • Request for quotations from selected shipyards
  • Overview of quotation received
  • Selection of yard
  • Preparation of repair budget
  • Management of repair period
  • Negotiations on the final repair bill
  • Quality assurance of repair work

Brokerage and agency services

A.D.C. provides brokerage services of used dredging equipment (dredgers, sand pumps, engines) as well as full ships agency services